Charity Box of the Burghaun Synagoge





Magnificent, tall silver object. German hallmarks from the era. Artist's stamp "WIB". Winberg? With a number. Nice engravings on three sides of the object, in German 'donated in honor of the synagogue of the Burghaun community, 1910. XI 13/14. Sponsored by Festausschuss". In addition to a Hebrew engraving with a date in large letters יגידמרחשוןתרע"א [1910]. Beautifully decorated with reliefs of flowers, fruit and more, in art-nouveau style. Concave slit at the top of the object, 5 cm. deep - apparently intended for charitable donations. Traces of gilt. 2.5 scratch on the bottom section. Very fine condition. 23 cm. tall, maximal diameter of 11 cm. Weight 0.295 kg.