From Neuhof to Emek Hefer and back

by Amnon Rimon

Sometime in mid-2006 I was forwarded from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology an E-mail sent by a certain Monica Kingreen who was looking for me. I did not have the faintest idea what it was all about and it took me some time to establish direct contact with Monica, just to discover that she is a staff member of the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt. This contact resulted in the following E-mail in August 2006:

"Hello dear Amnon Rimon, I found your name at the Jewishgen Archive concerning Neuhof. I hope it is the Neuhof near Fulda, you are interested in.

I am in the process of advising some people of the Neuhof historical society for the research about former Jewish life in Neuhof. It would be nice, if we can get in Contact…I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes yours Monica Kingreen

PS: I have sent you an email before, concerning a prayer book of David Sondheimer from Neuhof." ......

From Neuhof to Emek Hefer and back
The life story of the Sondheimer family who lived in Hünfeld for about four years from 1929 until 1933, recorded by Amnon Rimon, grandson of Nathan and Lina Sondheimer
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